Application Procedures

1. Who should apply through JUPAS?
  • All applicants (school and non-school applicants) who wish to apply for admission to the full-time government-funded undergraduate programmes on the strength of HKDSE results SHOULD apply via JUPAS. Such applicants will be considered only on the basis of their HKDSE results.
  • All school applicants as in (a) above MUST apply via their respective schools.
  • All school applicants who may be sitting for the HKDSE examination in some/all subjects as private candidates MUST apply via JUPAS AND via their respective schools as school applicants. For more information, please visit the JUPAS website.

Admission Scores

2. How will the admission score be calculated?

In addition to the General Entrance Requirements, LU will adopt a "best five subjects approach" in calculating the admission scores using the following converted points for JUPAS admission:

Exams Level/Grade/Converted Points
HKDSE (Category A) 5** 5* 5 4 3 2 1
HKDSE (Category C) - - A B C D E
Converted Points 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Admission Requirements

3. Will I be awarded any bonus points or given preference in the selection process if I take more elective subjects?

For applicants who have taken more than one elective, the result(s) in extra elective(s) may be used as additional supporting information.

Interview Arrangements

4. Will there be any interviews for JUPAS applicants? When will they be held?

Admission criteria for different programmes vary and applicants may either be admitted directly or shortlisted for interview to determine their eligibility for admission. Applicants may also be required to take an oral and/or written test. If an interview is required, LU will inform applicants by phone, email or by post.
Interviews for JUPAS applicants, if any, will normally be held before or after the HKDSE results are released.