LU is offering multiple scholarships to admitted JUPAS students for their distinctive performance in HKDSE and undergraduate studies.

HKDSE candidates/holders fulfilling the following award criteria will be considered for one-off or renewable scholarship as the following table.

Local Student Scholarships (for JUPAS)

Award Criteria Scholarship Award (HK$)
Total HKDSE Score from the Best Five Subjects No. of Subjects with HKDSE Results in Chinese & English Languages
Level 5** Level 5*
25 or above Level 4 or above in both Chinese Language and English Language Full-tuition Scholarship
22 or above 2 $30,000 (one-off)
1 $20,000 (one-off)
- 3 or more $15,000 (one-off)
- 2 $10,000 (one-off)
- 1 $5,000 (one-off)
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Other Scholarships

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